Don’t Just Buy Website Traffic, Buy Real Targeted Traffic!

If you are into the digital marketing space or you have to promote your website, then you will come across the option of buying website traffic. You may have heard of the now infamous bulk purchases of likes and shares on social networking sites like Facebook. Even now, you can buy Twitter followers, get re-tweets and even have people comment on your posts.


Many companies buy website traffic to get that initial fillip for their online marketing strategies. But you shouldn’t just buy website traffic. You should buy real targeted traffic. The difference is obvious and there will be financial impacts as well but the eventual consequence will be far more desirable when you buy real targeted traffic.
Shortcomings of buying generic website traffic!
When you buy website traffic, it is generic. There are random people accounting for the hits or impressions on your website. There are some black hat practices that would artificially increase the website traffic recorded by various analytical tools. You can get such traffic and they will have a certain impact. However, the impact will be relatively short lived and it will actually do nothing to the immediate bottom line of your company.
When you buy generic website traffic, there is no prospect of sales. You are just increasing the count of traffic and impressions. This will have a partial impact on your search engine optimization campaign and thus website ranking. This will have no impact on immediate sales. Only when you manage to generate some real traffic that is of relevance or amongst your target audience would you have the possibility of closing deals, generating leads or just increasing your exposure.
Why buy real targeted traffic?
Buy real targeted traffic to have an actual impact. Unlike black hat practices or bots making impressions, you don’t have random hits on your website when you buy real targeted traffic. You get to define the market. You can choose the gender, age, region or area, even professions and other financial factors to define your target audience. The provider of such purchased traffic has got sales funnels in place that will narrow down the entire database to those who fit your selected criteria. It is this target audience you would be able to reach out to.
Every hit you get when you buy real targeted traffic is by a person who is not employed by a company to generate hits but on the lookout of the kind of products and services you are offering. Such browsers may have expressed interest to know about the products or services you sell, they may have signed up for promotions, they may be in research mode or may have been redirected from one affiliate site to another. Social networks and social media are also among the pools that companies use to generate paid traffic.


Convenience, Time & Efficacy
There are three reasons why you should think of buying real targeted traffic. The triad of convenience, time and efficacy trumps everything else. When you have a new website, you don’t have a noteworthy rank, you certainly don’t have much traffic and your influence on social media or the virtual space is limited. As you buy real targeted traffic, you get to make your presence felt, the search engines make note of you and allot you better rankings as you generate more traffic and you get to sign up leads and close sales. You can circumvent the entire time of six months or more than a year that organic search engine optimization demands. You can have effective results and the whole process is utterly convenient.

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