How can a Company become a Brand on Social Media?

Internet marketing is a perennial endeavor. Even if you achieve the traffic you want, you need to keep working on various web marketing strategies to stay relevant, to stay exposed and to be in popular reckoning. Of the various virtual platforms that exist at your disposal, social media is one of the most rewarding. It is free to use, there are myriad ways to enhance your exposure and to drive traffic to your website.


As a company, you should buy website traffic to boost your presence, you can consider buying substantial social media following to get a jumpstart and then work on your engagement strategies so you can reach out to more people. The first step for a company to becoming a brand on social media is exposure. You cannot have a thousand people following you and call yourself a brand in a niche. No matter how limited a niche is, you need a staggering following. Given the fact that more than a billion people use social media, you cannot have any substantial presence unless you have at least a few thousand followers.


Here are three simple ways a company can become a brand on social media.


•            Presence and engagement are the foundation. When we talk about presence, we aren’t talking about having a profile, page or handle. We are talking about being there, on the site, corresponding and engaging with the audience. You have to be online, you must interact with people and you must open up channels of communication using the comments, likes, shares and other modes of correspondence.


  • You must come up with relevant posts. There are many ways you can define relevance. A certain post may be relevant for your business but not for the audience. A particular post can be relevant given the popular discourse on a certain day. You must be able to assess if a post or an activity is relevant given your target audience, the day or time and what you are trying to achieve. An amazing discount shared on a bad day is an ineffective strategy. A simple post, not offering any discount but talking about a great product, on a day when your target audience would usually go out shopping is a great strategy.


•            You need to attain a fine balance in what you do on social media. It cannot be all about your company, products, services, discounts or how amazing everything you do is. You must be able to communicate on issues that are not necessarily about your business. Speak on issues that concern people, engage with the audience generally without a selfish interest in mind and then blend in a post or two about what you are offering.


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