How to Engage with your Website Traffic

Let us presume two scenarios. One, you buy website traffic and generate some traction. Two, you engage with an audience on social media and generate some traffic. In both scenarios, you are getting your traffic redirected from third party sites and you have them landing at a specific webpage. It is possible that some traffic will be redirected to your homepage. Some social media users will use a link you have shared and may get redirected to a specific product or service page, possibly a sales page. Depending on what link you share and how you have formulated your redirecting and landing strategy, only one webpage would be in focus when you buy website traffic or source it from anywhere.


When some visitors land at a particular webpage, they may be interested in what they find or they may simply close the tab. As a business owner or webmaster, your strategy should be to engage with your website traffic. You cannot afford to have a thousand people turn up at your site and then nine hundred and fifty people turning away, regardless of how much they have explored the particular webpage. You need the traffic to stay on your website, to browse more, to know more about your company, products or services and eventually you expect to generate a lead or better yet you want a sale.


That will only happen when you engage with your website traffic and succeed in keeping them hooked. There is only one way to engage with your website traffic. You need a smart sitemap, an effortlessly navigable website and you need the contents on your website to be aligned seamlessly and relevantly so the audience finds one interesting piece after another.Since your business may not be a tabloid where you can find a plethora of gossips to keep your audience thrilled, it is quintessential that you weave a story to make sense of the navigation. You should be able to understand what your audience is looking for when they get redirected to the landing page and you should give them enough reasons to keep checking out more pages. Use cliffhangers, connected content, enlightening data or extremely helpful information. These will intrigue your audience and they would explore more pages on your site.

Don’t come up with endless and unnecessary pop-ups asking for details and then prompting the viewer if he or she really wants to leave the webpage. That is just unprofessional and doesn’t really help in traffic retention.


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