How to use Social Media to generate Traffic?

The world is still trying to figure out how to use social media to reap its potential rewards. Social media is still evolving. As more people hop onboard, as more analytics are assessed, as companies try myriad new ways to gain exposure and as the behavioral approach of social media users keep changing, it would be hard to narrow everything down to a strategy or two.


Right now, there are many proven strategies but they would not be effective all the time. Most companies resort to simple forms of social media engagement and that would not generate traffic. In this guide, we shall talk about the finer ways you can use social media to generate traffic.


•            The simplest way to engage with people on social media is to have a profile or page or handle, to gain a substantial following and then interacting with them. The interaction could be in the form of blog posts, simple tweets or comments, sharing images or videos, announcing discounts or hosting contests from time to time. There are other ways to engage as well. Many companies forget that the basic relevance of social media is real time engagement. Many businesses are aggressive with their posting strategy but don’t really communicate or engage with the audience. Don’t keep posting new articles, contents and don’t keep bombarding the audience with discounts. Have one post, then engage with the audience to make the most of it and only after the post becomes dated should you have another one. The bottom line is that you need to facilitate two-way or multi-way communication and engage with the social media audience to generate traffic.


•            Surprise your audience. Don’t do the same expected thing that everyone else is doing. The worst thing you can do on social media, or the least effective thing, is to mimic your competitors. Many businesses just keep offering discounts. One competitor does it and everyone else follows. Instead, find a unique or at least a bespoke way to engage with your audience. Support a cause, open up a discussion, share your opinion and invite assessment of pop culture or current affairs, discuss local issues or problems in your niche. These would get you the traction you need.


Just as businesses buy website traffic to boost the footfall and website ranking, it may be necessary to buy social media following to get the initial fillip. You cannot wait for a year to get five thousand followers. You should speed it up and work on the various ways to engage your audience simultaneously.


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