Marketing Tips – How to Make a Start-up Shine

Most experts agree that a mixture of online advertising and community-based promotion is the key to pushing a start-up into the public consciousness.

Unless your company is exclusively an online concern, in which case advertising via the Web is probably more than enough to get the ball rolling, you should think about creating a two-prong Marketing approach, which relies on social media promotion and community-based advertising.

Here are some tips to help you get started…

Set Up Business Profiles on Social Media – Your new company needs an online presence in order to get noticed. Luckily, promoting on social media is free and it’s quite simple and straightforward, too. This is why you should create business accounts at all of the most popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Facebook – This addictive social media platform allows users to share an array of media, from status updates to notes to pictures and links, so it’s a great tool for ambitious start-up entrepreneurs. In addition, if you want more from promoting via Facebook, you may sign up for paid Facebook ads, which may be tailored to display to your preferred demographics.

Twitter – Twitter is about brevity, so you’ll need to post short bursts of information via the social media platform. You may attach links which lead back to your business website – just utilize Tiny Url or another similar service, in order to ensure that you don’t exceed the limit of 140 characters.

Pinterest – This site allows users to create boards of photographs which may be subtly or openly promotional. “Pin” photos from other accounts or use your own photographs in order to make boards with plenty of visual impact. Then, encourage your social circle to share them and comment on them.

Instagram – This photo-sharing website is very popular and it allows users to post photographs and filter them if they want to. The filters which are offered to Instagram users may give pictures unique retro feel or other exciting effects. Some users don’t utilize filters at all.

If you’re running a B2B (business-to-business) start-up, consider creating a LinkedIn account, too. In fact, any entrepreneur may benefit from joining LinkedIn as it is a business-focused social media platform, which allows users to make new connections and to strengthen existing ones.

While it will be work to create the profiles and then maintain them regularly, it’s really part and parcel of online marketing. If your budget runs to it, you may be able to outsource the task. However, most entrepreneurs do things themselves, at least at first, in order to ensure that authentic images of their new start-ups are communicated via the World Wide Web.

Embrace Community-based Advertising – Next, flesh out your start-up marketing campaign by reaching out within your own community. This will work best if you have a bricks-and-mortar business, as well as an e-commerce website. However, it will also work well if you do e-commerce exclusively, but market your goods and services to a particular locality.

Classic marketing gambits, such as radio spots, newspaper ads and ads in local magazines will work well. TV advertising will cost more, but bring plenty of exposure. Also, participating in charitable events in your own community will help you to build your brand and create goodwill. You may also wish to schedule an Open House at your business and invite friends, family and colleagues. Be sure to promote all of your local activities via your online social media accounts.

Why Not Get Started Today?

Now is the right time to create a marketing plan for your start-up. When you combine online and local advertising, you’ll boost your chances of success and you’ll do all that you can to make your new company profitable.






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