Pitfalls of Web Marketing

There are very few things in the world that are perfect. Most of them that are perfect happen to be natural and not manmade. Everything we create is prone to a lot of errors. Some of those errors get fixed over time, some don’t.

Web marketing has its share of pitfalls that you will have to deal with. You cannot immunize yourself or your business. It doesn’t and wouldn’t matter who you hire and what kind of practices you devise. You will have to deal with the pitfalls of web marketing. What it will boil down to eventually is whether or not you can overcome the pitfalls and hoist your dominance in the virtual world.

The first step is to be aware of the pitfalls so you can take corrective measures or just factor them in while strategizing.

•            A common pitfall that most companies will have to deal with is the impact of search engine optimization. We all know the limits of search engine optimization, as in there can only be a few websites listed on the first page of the results. If you don’t have a highly ranked website in your niche or for a given set of keywords, it is unlikely that you would see an overnight change in your exposure. You need to spend a lot of time and effort to improve your rank. Sadly, you wouldn’t see any improvement in your ranks immediately. It may so happen that a year goes by and you don’t see any substantial change in your rank. How can you then decipher if your search engine optimization strategy is working?

•            There are some strategies that offer tangible results. For instance, if you buy website traffic, then you can verify if you have received the traffic you purchased. You can check out your analytics and see how many hits you have had, from where, when and for how long. This is one reason why companies buy website traffic. There is a lucid return on investment. That is not the case with social media. You may have a certain number of new followers, some more likes and comments, few more shares and you would start to believe that you are gaining some social media presence or even dominance. But if that results in nothing beyond social media, no traffic, leads or sales, then you would question if the initiative or the efforts had any real effect at all.

Whether it is the dormant pay per click advertisements that don’t generate any traffic or the lack of follow up and conversions in email marketing, there are many pitfalls of web marketing. You need to overcome them.


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