The Significance of Brand Mentions in Web Marketing

The Significance of Brand Mentions in Web Marketing


Imagine a world without internet. It shouldn’t be too hard if you are a baby boomer or even if you are the subsequent generation, which we often refer to as gen X. Before we had search engine optimization, pay per click advertising and social media marketing, we relied on billboards, pamphlets and brochures. We relied on endorsements of a business by locals or the patrons. We would look for a famed magazine in a given industry to do a feature or a local newspaper citing the business for one or some of its accomplishments. Featuring on the local news, radio show, print or being hailed at a major public event was all that a small to medium business could hope for. As expected, business would skyrocket thereon.


Now, put that same phenomenon in the present context and you would have brand mentions. Today, you don’t need the primetime news anchor of a popular network to endorse your business. You don’t need to feature on the cover of any traditional magazine. You don’t need the popular radio jockey based in your city to help you drive traffic. You can get brand mentions online. While the old school endorsements and being featured on cover stories and editorials do help, brand mentions on credible websites, by influencers on social media and getting substantial virtual media space would be enough.


Some websites have millions of hits every week and every article or blog posts read by thousands of people. Such websites featuring your story or just mentioning your company would get you at least a few hundred hits. If you can have a strategy for brand mentions, then you can get high quality traffic from credible sources and you wouldn’t have to wait too long before your business actually becomes a brand.


You can buy website traffic to increase the exposure while you work on brand mentions. Target major review sites, news sites, popular bloggers or influencers in your industry. Get as much exposure as you can through their posts or publications. Opt for user generated content, go for paid article marketing, encourage affiliate marketing and try to find auto generated mentions on worthwhile media portals. As you get these brand mentions, you will be able to reach out to an audience much larger and more diverse than you may conceive right now.


Brand mentions should not be a standalone or sole strategy. It should be integral and must coexist with other web marketing strategies.


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