Tips for Start-up Entrepreneurs – Should You Pay for Social Media Marketing?

No matter how small your start-up budget is, you should probably consider setting aside a little money for paid social media gambits. After all, it’s possible to get a lot more from social media marketing when you’re willing to invest in this manner. Many entrepreneurs who are trying to build new brands via the World Wide Web enjoy great success when they spend money on minor investments in social media platforms. So, let’s talk about some popular options, one or more of which may be just right for you…

Embrace Paid Facebook Marketing – Facebook is a social media platform with immense scope, influence and staying power. If you’re interested in using Facebook to best advantage, with a mind to giving your start-up a strong push forward, you may wish to access pay-to-play features. In recent months, Facebook has evolved and it’s quickly turning into a pay-to-play platform. This means that getting your promotional posts in front of a lot of users will require a financial investment on your part. If you don’t invest, you may find that your audience is rather limited, and this can be very frustrating.

One option is to pay for Facebook ads, which will put your products and/or services in front of a bigger audience. Facebook ads don’t have to cost a lot – you’ll have tons of options, including how many ads you buy and what the demographics for your ads will be. Customize your Facebook marketing approach by considering the type of client that you hope to attract. For example, do you want to market to women? How old are the customers who will likely enjoy and buy what you sell? Are these prospective clients rich, middle-class or lower income?

All of these customer analysis information will help you to target the right audience. Facebook ads may be tailored to certain localities, too, which is helpful if you’re selling to local customers. Play around with Facebook ad options in order to find what’s exactly right, and then track sales from these ads once they are up and running. Most entrepreneurs find that investing in Facebook ads is very cost-effective indeed. While every Facebook ad gambit may not pay off in huge amounts of conversions, it’s safe to say that all will help with establishing a brand name and creating some sort of buzz.

Purchase “Sponsored Tweets” via Twitter – Twitter is great place to interact with others in an organic way, by posting tweets, re-tweeting the posts of others and replying to tweets. It also offers a direct message system which you should probably NOT use for marketing purposes. Sending promotional direct messages to new followers is very spammy and may backfire. The last thing that you need is to be considered a spammer right out of the gate! So, use the interface organically on a regular basis, by posting tweets and interacting with others (while avoiding direct messages which are promotional). Then, hedge your bets by paying for sponsored tweets once in a while. You’ll find that this paid solution for entrepreneurs allows you to put your brand in front of tons of prospective customers. After a sponsored tweet runs, you are likely to notice more engagement via organic channels on the platform. You are also likely to attract new followers via this marketing method.

Find New Leads via LinkedIn Premium – LinkedIn is a social media platform for businesspeople of all stripes and it’s a great place to do marketing, particularly if you’re in the business-to-business niche. The best way to add value to your business via paid LinkedIn services, which are available to those with Premium account types, is to access a Sales Navigator which makes it simple to locate and reach out to prospects. Basically, cold-calling via digital communication channels will be very simple when you choose this type of paid service. In addition, LinkedIn offers a thirty-day trial, so you’ll be able to test out the service before you have to actually pay for it.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to invest wisely in paid social media services. As you can see, there are options galore for smart and savvy entrepreneurs. Don’t hesitate to test out a new paid option if the one that you’ve initially selected doesn’t pan out. However, we’ve chosen to showcase a trio of exciting options which do tend to pay off for most businesspeople.

The key to unlocking success as an entrepreneur is utilizing affordable social media initiatives once a new business is perfected. So, you may want to wait until your new business website is thoroughly tested before paying for ads. Make sure that you have everything running as smoothly as possible before you launch. This means ensuring that your virtual storefront works as it should and that your web design is top-notch. You will find lots of tips on building the perfect business website at this blog and elsewhere online.


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