What Makes A Website Go Viral?

What Makes A Website Go Viral?


Not too long ago, you would have prided in the fact that you have an amazing website. Today, creating an impressive design is only the first leg of the journey. Your website needs to have the kind of exposure you desire. The target could be a thousand hits every day or a million subscribers. It could be in monetary terms. You may want to have sales in excess of ten thousand every day or perhaps a million in six months. Whatever is your objective, you need to work on ways that can make your website go viral.


The definition of viral is subjective. A blog post that gets viewed by ten thousand people in four hours is viral. A video that gets fifty thousand views in five years is not viral. Getting a million views for an image can be viral and getting a thousand views can also be viral. It depends on the supposed and deserving outreach, the scope and the time. A niche website will obviously not have ten million hits and an upcoming summer superhero blockbuster will only be considered generating enough interest if it hits a few million hits in a day or two of its teaser launch.


•            You can buy website traffic and make the site go viral. You can buy ten thousand hits to be delivered in a day and your website will create the traction that any webmaster would want. Most businesses buy website traffic to get that initial impetus till the business gets enough exposure and recognition, subsequent to which you shouldn’t have to buy any more traffic. But you can always buy website traffic with an immediate agenda of making a particular product, service or post go viral.

•            As a business, you are either selling a product or offering a service. If the product changes the world or if the service breaks the shackles of convention, then it would go viral anyway. When a product is seemingly unconceivable for the rest of the world and you have achieved something that no one else has, you deserve a million hits. If a service changes the lives of people and you do it in a way that no one has done before, then you would anyway get phenomenal traction.

•            In reality, not every company comes up with an unprecedented product or service. In such cases, you need a piece of content, which could be text or image or video, which has the ability to stir a million opinions. Only by triggering reactions can you have a blog, webpage, image, video or website go viral.


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