Witnessing a crash in your website traffic? Try these mantras!

Website traffic is rarely steady or predictable. Even the likes of Amazon and eBay witness substantial fluctuations. The only sites that have steady traffic are the newspaper websites or e-papers and search engines like Google.

If your website traffic has suffered a crash, then you need to take some corrective steps to plug the loopholes. There is obviously more than one thing that has gone wrong. In here, we shall explore the various issues that can affect your website traffic and you would discover some mantras to fix the problems.
The first checkpoint is the type of website you have. Ecommerce stores or any website that has an online store will obviously witness fluctuating traffics based on sales or discounts on offer. Standard websites will seldom witness any spike or crash unless there is some viral content or controversies encompassing the brand. You need to find the trigger of the crash. Although you would start with assessing the contents, they aren’t the reasons for the crash. In most cases, websites suffer a crash in ranking on search engine result pages which causes a dip in traffic. In some cases, there is a security risk or the website has been flagged as inappropriate. Wrong indexing and other issues pertaining to keyword optimization, changes in algorithms of search engines as well as what people are saying about your website on forums, blogs or social media will have an impact.
The trick is to identify what has gone wrong and accordingly you must employ certain mantras to fix the issue. That is the only way to get traffic to your website. Else, you can consider buying website traffic to counter the problem.
• Mantra 1: Check the website rank on Alexa, assess the data furnished by Google Analytics and you should be able to figure out what has gone wrong. Your global or local rank may have suffered. The keywords you have been targeting may not be the ones that customers are using any more. It is possible that some websites have overtaken you in the search engine optimization space without any fault of yours. Studying Google Analytics and Alexa data would help you.
• Mantra 2: Look for any changes that may have been initiated by search engines or on the classifieds, portals and social media sites where you have a presence. Any changes are bound to impact your website positioning, the links and all your contents. The bots or crawlers work in accordance with algorithmic changes and you may not always be in the loop of latest updates.
• Mantra 3: Look for security issues. One of the most common reasons for a crash in website traffic is a website being red flagged. Your website may be infected by malware, spyware, adware or just virus. It may be flagged by antivirus or firewalls installed in the computers of users. Even search engines will flag such websites and make them inaccessible. Your website may even be taken off the indexed lists.
• Mantra 4: Buy website traffic. At times, the problem with website traffic crashes is as simple as less people searching for you or less people interested in your brand. There are many things you can do but as your popularity or outreach dips, your rank will suffer. You need to generate interest and one way of doing that is buying targeted traffic. When more people will visit your website, your ranking will get improved. That will show in your positioning on search engine result pages. You would also be able to garner some attention on social media and incite discussions, which is always desirable.

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