Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are an agreement between you ("Customer, Client ") and Instavisits ("Instavisits, Us"). By placing an order with us by filling the campaign activation form available after the payment process you acknowledge that you have read, fully understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.

No portion of this publication and web site may be reproduced in any form, electronic or otherwise, without prior express written permission of Instavisits. All trademarks, trade names, domain names, scripts and programs bearing the Instavisits copyright data information on those direct pages are owned or licensed by Instavisits. Other domain names, trademarks and/or copyrights that may be referenced, indicated or linked to are outside the jurisdiction, ownership and responsibility of Instavisits. Further, Instavisits assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of any such content as it may be stated or implied on any such web sites at any point in time.

You are guaranteed that we will send the number of visitors, or an equivalent amount of hits, that you have purchased to the URL that you specify, for as long as your traffic campaign URL remains in compliance with these Terms. This is the only guarantee for our traffic packages. All campaigns are considered active the moment the first visitor (Hits/Traffic) is delivered to the client site as tracked by our internal counter. We don't guarantee the uniqueness of our traffic and count as a visitor any action performed by a real visitor to the target website.

Instavisits is not responsible for the use of the traffic delivered to the client website. Please note that it is not a good idea to use the Instavisits traffic to increase traffic exchange, ad sense or other pay-per-click revenues as many of these companies have strict terms that prohibit the redirection of traffic purchased from a third party source. Instavisits is not responsible for the content of the website it redirects traffic to. In the event that there is an error with the submitted URL, the Client will not hold Instavisits or it's Partner Sites responsible for the error. Any traffic delivered to a Client's site reflecting the above error, will not be credited or entitled to a refund. In the event that the Client's site becomes unavailable for any reason ("server is down or unavailable, timed out, or shows to be active but with internal server errors, 404 errors and other types of common or uncommon errors associated with the internet and its underlying infrastructure"), the Client will not hold Instavisits or its Partner Sites responsible for these errors. All/Any traffic delivered to the Client's site during this down time will not be credited or refunded. In the event that any of the above errors occur including any errors not listed but clearly intended, the client may place his campaign on hold. Any traffic previously sent will not be credited or refunded.

Each order is given a unique campaign id which is used to track visitors to your site by day/time. Instavisits uses a proprietary tracking system to track traffic campaigns; this type of tracking is the most accurate because the hit counts are incremented at the same exact time a visitor is sent to your site. Unlike third party counters, Instavisits does not consider load time. There are an enormous amount of counters with various load rates and it is impossible to accommodate each customer's counter. For example, some counters take as much as 30 seconds to count a visitor - some even more. We cannot control the behavior of the end user, or force them to stay on the site a certain length of time. If they choose to 'close out' prior to your counter load, it is still considered a delivered visitor. This is how we are charged by the networks that supply us traffic, which leaves us no other option but to charge our customers in the same manner. Therefore, the client understands that if the visitor viewing your page closes it before it finishes loading (due to network bandwidth, high impact graphics, animation or lack of interest on the visitors part etc.), it will count as a view on our system, we have sent your site to the visitor and have therefore fulfilled our obligation. It is important to note that this scenario may not appear in your website statistics. Instavisits cannot control the acts of the individuals viewing your site and will not be held responsible for these actions. Based on this fact, client acknowledges and agrees that 3rd-party traffic counters, stats programs, and other tracking mechanisms are not reliable and Instavisits will not issue credits or refunds based on any counts or statistics provided by them. In the event of a discrepancy between our count of visitors sent to you, and the number your counter or stats program reports, you agree that our count is authoritative and shall be relied upon to the exclusion of all other counts. You may provide us with your raw server logs, and we may choose to an audit these logs, and we may subsequently provide you with additional traffic and/or a pro-rated refund if we determine, in our sole discretion, that you we did not send you the visitors you paid for. Client also understands that Instavisits does not guarantee sales or signups and will not issue a refund if none are achieved.

Instavisits will not be held liable for the loss of any account, including adsense accounts or accounts with other ad networks and will not be held responsible for the loss of any income in those accounts regardless of whether our traffic may have played a role in the closing of those accounts. Instavisits will not reimburse you for loss of income or assets under any circumstances.

Instavisits does not guarantee that the customer will experience any conversions (sales, leads or other) from traffic purchased from instavisits.com, nor that any social signals delivered will be active or engaged.

By using our service, you authorize Instavisits the right to use any of your campaign relevant data - including your website URL, your Goo.gl short URL and any associated images (such as screenshots of your Goo.gl analytics) in our marketing and promotional material without informing you prior to doing so. You also authorize Instavisits to use and publish any publicly or privately shared comments about our service (including via email, forum replies or personal messages on forums) as public testimonials or endorsements of our service coming directly from you without informing you about it. We may edit or alter your comments in any way - such as for the purposes of correct spelling mistakes, omitting parts of it or changing the structure of your comments. By using Instavisits services, you are consenting to these conditions.


Client use of the traffic delivered from Instavisits is client responsibility. Neither Instavisits.com nor any of its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agents, representatives or licensors shall be liable to you or anyone else for any loss or injury or any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or similar damages arising out of client access or use of the service and the information available on the service, or arising out of any action taken in response to or as a result of any information available on the service. Client hereby waive any and all claims against Instavisits.com and its subsidiaries, divisions, affiliates, agents, representatives and licensors arising out of the use of the service and the information available thereon. Further, Instavisits.com and its affiliates reserve the right not to review or monitor any client web sites and are not responsible for the content of any such linked web sites.

Instavisits campaigns can receive traffic from various sources, including pop-unders, pop-ups, pop-in windows, traffic exchange programs, type-in traffic. Traffic will be provided by third party sources and managed using a proprietary traffic server. We have been guaranteed by our third party traffic sources that - to the best of their knowledge - each and every Visit represents a Visitor viewing a Customer Site. Instavisits will use one or another or a conjuction of the above traffic sources provided in bulk from specialty traffic providers in relation to the campaign traffic demand and source's traffic availability, and doesn't guarantee a minimum percentage for each traffic source per campaign. Instavisits employes a complex geographical localization targeting protocol. All references to targeting, targeted traffic and target refer to this system. As explained in details in our Frequently Asked Questions and in the help section of our order form, no additional campaign targeting is provided such as keyword targeting, business area category targeting, etc. Unless for geotargeting, the category assigned to each campaign is for customer tracking purposes only, and traffic delivered may not reflect the category description. Instavisits will make all possible efforts to match the geographical targeting (target) selected by the customer. Client agrees to hold Instavisits, it's parent company as well as all companies and individuals involved harmless for any unexpected results arising from any advertising campaign including targeted traffic campaign, SEO services, link submission and any additional service offered through the Instavisits website.

Clients may not present a claim based on the fact that the "order was not as expected", since every detail about the available packages is clearly explained in these Terms of Service. Clients shall not make an order if they do not clearly understand any of the points explained in these Terms of Service. It's the client sole responsibility to read our Terms of Service. After submitting the payment and before starting the campaign (in the "campaign activation page"), the client ACCEPTS OUR TERMS OF SERVICE, because it's clearly written "by ordering you agree to our Terms of Service", providing a quick access to the same by the means of full terms text embedded in a scroll-down menu above the "I accept. Complete my order" button. Any client's claim that they did not know about our Terms of Service is not considered valid. In case the client doesn't agree to these terms at the time of completing the order, the client itself is entitled to a full refund. The refund should be asked using the refund form as described below.

All traffic campaigns are subject to auto-renewal. This is specified in the order page and welcome email message. Customers can cancel the campaign at any time by filling the form available here: < URL >.

Support staff is available Monday to Friday; all requests must be made via the contact form: < URL >. Client also understands that technical support may not be available at the exact time in which the client initiates contact. It is our policy to respond to all e-mails within 24-48 hours.

Client agrees to these terms of service and understands that they are legally binding.

Instavisits will not promote websites that do not obey the laws of the United States, and spam, scam, hate, warez, hacking or any other site/offer that could be considered offensive to the most discriminate viewer. Shortened URLs are not allowed. Any attempt to bypass our intended guidelines will result in account cancellation and no recourse for refund. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via the support center.

Refund Policy

When a customer has a particular concern or complaint, they should contact Instavisits personnel via the contact page: Instavisits.com/contact. When contacting us please provide as many details as possible regarding any possible concerns. We will work to make things right for you, including offering other Instavisits services free of charge to help you get a better response. If necessary, we will provide you with a refund on any remaining undelivered traffic or unused service. Please note: as we work with various partners and incur expenses in carrying out our services, we cannot, under any circumstance, issue refunds for portions of services that have already been delivered.

All refunds must be requested using by contacting us here: Instavisits.com/contact

In any instance where a customer's service has been terminated due to a violation of Instavisits stated use policies or other generally acceptable Internet standards, NO refund (either full or partial) shall be due the customer.

If a dispute has been opened through our payment processor (including PP, Stripe or your CC provider) or ANY other third party, your campaign will be permanently suspended and no refund, neither full or partial, will be provided at any point in time. You may only request and receive a refund by contacting us through Instavisits.com/contact (prior to ever having opened a dispute through any third party against us) and requesting a refund for undelivered traffic.

For any refunds provided (at our sole discretion) we will deduct a processing fee equivalent to $5 or 5% of the order total, whichever is greater.

You acknowledge that we may change these terms and conditions at any time in our sole discretion, and that the terms and conditions posted at Instavisits.com/terms-and-conditions replace and supersede all previous versions. You agree that it is your responsibility to visit this page from time to time to check for any updates.

Account Safety

By using our service you agree to not hold us responsible nor liable for any account loss (including from banning of your accounts resulting from our services) on any social network, ad network or other websites. By using any of our services you assume any and all risk to your website, social and other accounts. You assume full responsibility for not only the loss of any accounts, but for any loss of income that may result from using our services. We assume no liability for loss of income or assets.

Social Signals Are Not Real

By using any of our services you understand that you are buying fake social signals. These are not active people or users. These social signals may or may not break the terms of service of the social media platform to which you are buying them for and you take full responsibility for any consequences, including account closure and loss of income that me result from our services.


All testimonials published on the Instavisits site are real and unsolicited. We keep track of each testimonial message sent us with full headers and timestamp to certify their validity. That said, we cannot guarantee you will receive any number of leads, sales or other activity as a result of your advertising. Your results will depend on the quality of the website you advertise, your product and pricing, targeting options chosen and other factors beyond our control. Testimonials should not be taken as typical results.


In the present context, a "visit" or "hit" generally occurs when a user has been rgeistered on your Goo.gl tracking link. The term “number of visitors” is interchangeable with the term “number of visits.” Several “visits” may originate from a single IP address or individual. This generally occurs when an individual returns to or reloads a webpage. “Pro-rata” refunds are calculated by dividing the number of visits we delivered by the number of visits you ordered. The result of this calculation is subtracted from 1 and the resulting figure is multiplied by your purchase price to derive the “pro-rata” refund. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed invalid or unenforceable by any jurisdiction or government agency having jurisdiction, that particular provision will be deemed modified to the extent necessary to make the provision valid and enforceable, and the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect.

These terms and conditions were last changed and are effective as of August 10 2014.

By placing your order with us, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.


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