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We make it easy to reach 43 million internet users per day for as low as 2 cents a visitor. No creatives, ad copy or keywords needed. Just give us a URL and watch as our targeted website traffic floods your page.

Popunder Traffic

Starts in 24 Hours
Real-Time Tracking
100% Real Visitors

Facebook Traffic

Starts in 24 Hours
Real-Time Tracking
100% Real Visitors
70% U.S Traffic

Google Traffic

Starts in 24 Hours
Real-Time Tracking
100% Real Visitors
70% U.S Visitors

Mobile Traffic

Starts in 24 Hours
Real-Time Tracking
100% Real Visitors

Social Media Traffic

Starts in 24 Hours
Real-Time Tracking
100% Real Visitors
70% U.S Traffic

Adult Traffic

Starts in 24 Hours
Real-Time Tracking
100% Real Visitors







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To get started, simply…

1. Select a Traffic Package

2. Enter Your URL & Targeting Choices

3. Watch as traffic floods your page


Target Your Traffic

We algorithmically match your page with interested visitors on our network, who we then display your website to in the form of a full page ad. No creatives, ad copy or keywords needed.

Track Every Visitor

We give you access to a real time reporting system developed by Google to track your traffic with – there’s no guesswork. You’ll see details of every visitor that comes to your page.

Access Millions in U.S

With a daily reach to over 44 Million internet users across 42 Countries, 24 million in the United States alone, Instavisits offers you unparalleled access to an enormous online market.

Get Traffic, not Impressions

You only pay for actual eyeballs on your page – not for ad impressions or other useless vanity metrics. Our traffic is all real people that have actually landed on your page.

6,000+ Customers Trust Our Traffic With Results That Speak For Themselves
Pop-under Traffic
Pop-under ads are a lot like pop-up ads except that they appear behind the browser instead of obnoxiously covering the page your site visitor is browsing. Pop-under ads tend to be more effective than pop-up ads because they don’t hamper your experience with the site you are currently on. Users have learned to just click exit when a pop-up ad comes up. Pop-under ads can be viewed at a later time of the users own choosing, encouraging the user to give it a second thought.
Facebook Traffic
Facebook has become an essential avenue for brands to reach out to both potential and existing customers. Without a doubt, brands that invest resources on their Facebook pages see that it really pays. When it comes to retail websites, Facebook is king. In 2012, Facebook produced 86% of web visits and socially driven shopping sessions. For just $17 we bring 500 visitors from Facebook to your page.
Google Traffic
There are several ways that Google, the world’s most popular search engine, increases website traffic. Google traffic comes from regular searches (organic traffic). Our Google Traffic services can bring you 500 organic visitors, real human views not bots or anything else, via our wide network for only $17.
Mobile Traffic
In 2014, the number of mobile internet users surpassed the number of desktop users. Out of the 243 million active internet users in July 2014, only 58 million were desktop users. The rest relied heavily on their mobiles for internet usage. This is why we can say with confidence that mobile traffic is the future. The experts at predict that mobile web traffic is on the rise. Get on the marketing express train for only $17 for every 500 REAL mobile visitors – you can order these visitors to either a web page or an app download page!
Social Media Traffic
In 2012, designer brand Jimmy Choo saw a 33% increase in sales with its Twitter marketing campaign, Joie de Vivere Hotels booked 1000 promotional rooms to its 10,000 Twitter followers and saw $1000 in revenue from a $200 investment in acquiring Facebook fans. Creating traffic through social media sites is not only in vogue, it’s smart business sense. Increase your traffic by increasing your social media base, all for $17 for every 500 visitors. Our traffic comes from a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Yahoo and other major social media outlets.
Adult Traffic
Without an iota of doubt, the adult industry is the most profitable industry on the internet. The internet is rife with adult websites, a valuable resource for any brand, business or website looking for a targeted audience. In the US alone, 40 million Americans are regular visitors to adult websites and 25% of all web searches are related to the adult industry. Tap into traffic derived from these sites for $17.

For just $19 a month, ROI for my business has soared to awesome heights! Thank you, Instavisits

MDL, Affiliate Marketer

I desperately needed Facebook visits so I signed up for the 10k package. Got throngs of visitors just on the first day! Thank you!

Peter- ecommerce webmaster

I am new to social media campaigns, but the 500 visitors I purchased from you guys have given me such a big boost! Thanks!

Anthony B, Facebook Marketer

I didn’t think it was possible to get visitors without any effort on my part, but Instavisits made it happen

Michael JH - Dating Afiliate Marketer

Having launched a new cosmetics brand, increasing brand awareness is foremost on my priorities. You guys helped me a lot

Stacey L - ecommerce owner

Awesome service. I can't wait to invest more in you guys. Thanks.

Richard D. O - Banner Broker

I reorder their website traffic every month for the past year or so now. It's really helped me attract some advertiser for my banner spaces.

Jacob L, banner broker

I needed traffic to get approved on buysellads as an ad publisher. Instavisits got me enough traffic to get approved and I got my first ad spot sold within 4 days.

Steven, tech-site webmaster

Thanks a lot for the great customer service. My order started a couple of days late, but Peter helped iron things out and I've been very happy with the traffic so far.

MD Dave R, business coach

I usually buy targeted website traffic from adwords, but I'm paying over 2 bucks a click there compared to a few cents on instavisits. The quality isn't as good as adwords, but it stil ends up being worth it because of the cost difference and + ROI.

John W.R - dating advice

If like myself, you don't know how to get website traffic through SEO then paying for it is the way to go. I have a shoestring budget so this service was a good fit to get me off the ground.

Rick G - Affiliate Marketer

I've been reselling the traffic to some of my customers and they have been really happy. Good service and reliable.

Lewis P - SEO service owner
Frequently-asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are your visitors from?

For our popunder service you can select from over a dozen countries. For our google, facebook and social media options 70% of the visitors are from the USA with 30% being global visitors.

How does your targeted traffic reach my website?

Our traffic reaches your website via three advertising sources: intersticial ads, popunders and domain redirects.

How many visitors can you deliver per day?

We deliver over 2 million unique visitors per day across our network with 70% of it being traffic from the United States. If you need a lot of traffic we can deliver.

Are the visitors unique?

The visitors are 24 hour uniques, however the vast majority of visitors remain unique for the duration of your campaign aside from returning visitors.

What do I need to get started?

You need a website and a target market. That’s it, we’ll handle the rest.

Can I target visitors coming to my website?

We know you don't want to buy traffic to your website if its not relevant to your business. You can target website visitors based on niche and country during checkout. Our advertising specialists will then optimize your campaign for the best marketing results.

Do I need to have any advertising material?

No, we do all the creative work, advertising & marketing for you. You just need to provide us with your website URL and a few simple targeting parameters. You buy web traffic and we do the hard work delivering it.

How long after I buy traffic will visitors start reaching my website?

After you buy visitors from one of our packages our marketing team reviews your site for compliance. This usually takes 24-48 hours. You'll start seeing visitors almost immediately afterwards.

Any sites you don’t allow?

Yes, we do not allow any websites with popups, malware, frame breakers or any auto playing sound, music or video.